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January 18, 2008


Hello Friends and Supporters,

I am pleased to write and wish you a prosperous new year. Last year was a year filled with travel and ministry. I am happy to say that we witnessed Holy Ghost outpouring and miracles. Listed below are a few places that I ministered.

I was pleased to preach in Detroit, MI for the Haddonís. This was our AWCF Regional Conference. Bishop David Fuller and I traveled to Detroit together. Bishop Fuller ministered a powerful message on Thursday night with great response. On Friday afternoon he called up to my room from the lobby and said that he had been ministering to a man who had lost his girlfriend in a Drug deal gone bad and he was suffering from this loss. The man that will remain unnamed to protect his privacy came up and we prayed for him and he immediately received the Holy Ghost for the first time in his life. Then I remembered that 17 years prior to this, his brother and I used to pray for him in early Morning Prayer meetings. What a blessing that the Lord would let me go all the way to Chicago to see my prayers answered 17 years after the fact. How powerful prayer is.

I also ministered at the conference in Nassau, Bahamas in December. What a powerful time we had with Apostle J. Rodney Roberts. I am honored that out of all the great men
of God that he could have brought over to preach that he and the Holy Ghost chose me. Apostle Roberts is well known all over the Caribbean. When I was going through customs in Nassau they asked me why I was there and immediately they recognized Apostle Robertsís name. I was pleased to also learn of his teachings on morality and his own personal example of purity though he married in his mid-thirties he kept himself pure until God sent him a wife. This is rare in the World we live in today. We need men and women of integrity.

I also ministered several days in Washington D.C. Maryland and New Jersey. Bishop Dwight Brock arranged all of this. I didnít make one phone call to find a place to preach. He did it all and kept me busy. We had tremendous services in all the places we ministered. Bishop Brock like J. Rodney Roberts is also a great man of purity and integrity. Lady Brock is a tremendous asset to his ministry. I am thankful to Bishop Brock, Bishop William Madison, Bishop Ralph Green and Dr. Lewis for their offerings and hospitality. They are all great men of God with awesome families.

I could go on and on and tell of Holy Ghost outpouring in Paris, TX with Jim and Nancy Millsap and Life Community Church. And great moves of God in Georgetown, TX. With Bob Sharp and Calvary Christian Center. And great revival in South Bend, IN with Bishop Peter Rowe and the great church there, Bishop Bob Ritter and Bro. Honeycutt, David Croucher in Marion, IN, Bro. G.W. Plunk. The Plunkís are a humble couple doing a good work in Michigan City, IN. I also sang and ministered for Steve and GloriaBarley in Houston, TX. What a powerful missionary couple they are and my dear friends. What can I say of Pastor David and Laura Haney that are faithful in supporting our ministry monthly, Michael and Trish Fleming who also support us monthly. And great saints like Dan and Tammy Christman in South Bend that prays for me and send support as the Lord lays it on their heart John and Angela Rose for their prayers and support. And to all the saints in churches that come to me with prayer request and offerings and says ďwe just wanted to bless youĒ. And mostly to my Lord and provider Jesus Christ who shocks me everyday with his bountiful provisions. Jeannine and I love him dearly.

And Finally I thank God that on December 17, 2007 Joseph Grant Haney and Sarah Nicole Haney our twin Grandbabies were born. How great is God to slip that in at the end of the year to cap off a great year.

I am so amazed at the friends that the Lord has blessed my family with. I could never express my love for you in a way that is fitting. So please accept this letter as my humble thanks to you all named and unnamed. I will recognize others in future newsletters.

I will be leaving February 24, 2008 for beloved Israel. There once again a blessing from God. I didnít think I could go so I didnít even pursue it. But from the gracious heart of
my friends Pastorís James and Pam Baker of Mesquite, TX who took it upon themselves to raise the funds for me to have this great experience I am forever indebted. Thank you to all who gave to this trip. You know who you are and God knows who you are.

And to close this already too lengthy of a letter. I thank God for my dear wife of 29 years for staying home and working while I travel the world preaching the Gospel. She gets to travel with me locally. Those of you that I preach for in far off places from Texas you are truly missing the greatest part of my ministry. She is a faithful and dedicated wife. I hope she will soon travel with me every where I go so you can meet her and she can meet you.

Sonny Cathey
Summary 2007

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